Project Dates: April 2008 to March 2014

Description: SAWA was hired to remove approximately 785 acres of invasive plant species within a 995-acre site in Hidden Valley Wildlife Area in Riverside. SAWA also maintained a restoration site of 11 acres within a 40-acre site in Carbon Canyon. SAWA planted 40 acres of native plants and placed four 5,000-gallon tanks with water pumps and irrigation piping on the 40 acres of native plantings. SAWA’s HRS manager conducted initial site assessments, mapped non-native vegetation, and designed the irrigation system and plant palettes. SAWA performed initial removal and the first five years of herbicide applications. SAWA’s restoration technicians undertook all the planting and installation of irrigation throughout the 40-acre restoration site. In addition, SAWA’s restoration technicians conducted herbicide applications to non-native vegetation and maintained the irrigation system in the restoration area. SAWA performed regulatory reporting for the grant and its California Department of Fish and Wildlife 1600 Permit.