Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority—Habitat Mitigation (Prado Basin)

Project Dates: September 2011 through October 2017

Description: SAWA was contracted by the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) to conduct non-native plant removal and restoration for a 10.25-acre project area in the Prado Basin. SAWA subcontracted the initial planting and herbicide application. After two years, SAWA took over herbicide application responsibilities and planted 10-foot pole cuttings to ensure the site met its goals. At the project conclusion, SAWA met all of the mitigation goals and the regulatory agencies signed off on the mitigation as complete. SAWA’s HRS manager conducted initial site assessments, mapped non-native vegetation and designed the plant palettes. SAWA also hired one removal contractor to perform the initial removal and the first two years of herbicide applications. SAWA’s restoration technicians assisted with the planting throughout the 10.25-acre restoration site. In addition, SAWA’s restoration technicians conducted herbicide applications to non-native vegetation.